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v 0.3.1108.0 Released on 08-Jan-2017

Dependencies of log4net are dropped.
Bugfix in Subsystem Steppermotor and Logging.
And a simple demo Application is added to the project.

v 0.3.0011.0 Released on 11-Feb-2016

Added subsystem SPI and Steppermotor and changed the USB-Driver Layer to libusb.

v 0.2.2331.0 Released on 31-Dec-2013

Added subsystem ServoChannel and fixed Bug in subsystem Rs232.

v 0.2.2022.0 Released on 22-Sep-2013

Added subsystem TTL.

v 0.2.2016.0 Released on 16-Sep-2013

Supported firmware: MCD and CDC of Sprut usb4all v10 (17-July-2012)
Supported subsystems:

  • ADC
  • Counter
  • FrqCounter
  • Lcd
  • PWM
  • L297StepperMotor
  • RS232
  • I2C
  • Eeprom
  • Microwire
  • ShiftRegister